Biocentrism by Robert Lanza
Essays , Press Releases / June 8, 2015

What happens when people die? Read the book titled “Biocentrism” to discover it! In this book, the American scientist Robert Lanza explains what happens after life according to science rules. This book reveals upsetting truths about life and death. Buy the book now ! Click on the title: Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe

Review of Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks
Book reviews , Essays / February 5, 2015

Maybe you won’t believe me, but every once I read this book, something good happened. The book is Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, a couple who first experienced the incredible outcomes of the law of attraction. This law works as a religious thought because It makes us closer to the secret and mysterious energies coming from the Universe. Esther and Jerry Hicks are an American couple who a day discovered the teachings of Abraham, a not physical entity which has the power to attract and bring into our and your life all you want. The Hicks followed some courses about the Abraham teachings and discovered all they desired happened in their life really. I don’t know if the law of attraction is true or false because I believe that everything we get in life depends on faith. Faith can be in God, in an ideology, in a thought, well, the title of the book we reviewed relates right to the thought positive. This thought is able to attract wonderful things in our life, provided that a person is capable to think in a positive way. Following the lessons of…

Review of The Truth That Sets Free by Samuel NgaFeeson
Book reviews , Essays , Religion books / January 19, 2015

Here is one of those books we define “long lasting”. In this sense, this book works like a lipstick. While the latter lasts hours on our lips, a book like this lasts forever in our heart! We are speaking about The Truth That Sets Free, the religion book written by Samuel Faith Laye NgaFeeson. That is a short book, only 164 pages, but very meaningful.   Through ten chapters, the author explores “The Untaught Secrets of Winning Every Battle”, ( buy here), namely those secrets that often no-one learns during his/her faith path. These untaught secrets are also the subtitle of the book. In this way, Samuel wanted to keep our soul and our mind in touch with God. Thanks to this book, I finally learned many things. For instance, I understood what is the original sin and the sin against the Holy Spirit. These two important theological topics have often caused quarrels among several religions, but according the thought of the author, the original sin and the sin against the Holy Spirit come from the same origin: the doubt. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they believed in what the deceiver snake told them, namely they would become…

Review of The Biggest Secret by David Icke
Book reviews , Essays / August 19, 2014

Aliens coming from the space, giants who lived on the Earth together with men. These are the shocking disclosures contained in a book written by an author we consider as a new hero of our age: David Icke. This author is a British journalist who attempted several times to spread some truths about religion, the world creation and control of mind. The book, titled “The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World ”, provides, through its 517 pages, some explanations to several issues that relate to the origin of man, the managing of political power and the birth of some movements known like mystery associations. The volume is split into twenty one chapters, where Icke explores several upsetting and shocking sides of human life. The first chapters open telling about the invasion by some aliens called Reptilians. These creatures took the human form, according to the book author, and today they would be hidden inside the body of famous people. In the central chapters, David Icke affirms that the most powerful men that control the world could be reptilians. The author seems one with no fear and reveals the names of these persons. According to Icke Reptilians would…

Review of God and New Physics
Book reviews , Essays / June 20, 2013

Today, I want to review a new book that talks about links between God and the new physics. What astonishes me is the faith that the author has when he talks about hot issues concerning God’s creation and the meaning that men give this big and so important event. This book is just entitled God and the New Physics. The author is Paul Davies. The book is published by Penguine and Paul Davies is one the brightest science authors of our time. God and New Physics doesn’t speak only about religion, but transforms science and religion in an excellent work to the advantage of physics, or rather, new physics. Can we define this book a work on physics? The answer is just that. God and New physics is a book on physics with very interesting insights on links between science and religion. Through 250 pages and 17 chapters, Davies explores and analyzes the fundamental stages of the universe creation , by beginning of theory of big bang and going, little by little, toward fascinating explanations of the most important theories on universe, creation and matter. In the beginning, the universe was a disordered mass that began mysteriously to explode by…

Manifesta, young women, feminism and the future by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards
Essays / March 15, 2013

Is Feminism dead? This interrogative phrase is often used in a book I read recently. It is titled Manifesta [10th Anniversary Edition]: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future. This book has been published ten year ago and today it is in the 10th edition. This anniversary is celebrated by the two authors : Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, American women like others, who have said what they think about feminism.   Are the Manifesta authors feminist? Maybe they are, but the one it is important is that they are women who speak out on all issues related to history of feminism and women. I am still reading the book, and I am arrived up to the first 100 pages, but I decided to review it now, because I consider it very useful to understand the history and role of women in society. Between males and females there has always been dominance over the other . Women have often been obliged to bear male supremacy and violence and abuses. This bad tradition continues also today in some fields,  such as,  for example, housework , family managing, children education and professional life. In this last sector, wage gap is very evident and clear….

A book about economic crisis
Essays / January 8, 2013

What is the cause of economic crisis? There is not a one cause, but many. Perhaps, the more important is explained by Robert Brenner in a very useful book titled: The Boom and the Bubble: The US in the World Economy   This work offers a wide frame to understand the phenomena that are to the origins of crisis. According to Robert Brenner, the first causes of crisis would be over-capacity and over-production. During the first 1970s, firms and big companies, to survive the oil crisis, attempted to increase their plants and equipments. These enormous efforts took to a powerful growth of employment and gains. The high level of profitability lasted for all 1980s. At the end of that years and during 1990s, companies of US, Asia and Germany began to create a production made by imports and exports. In those years, rapid monetary fluctuations allowed to enter into new foreign markets that improved the trades shares of US and other developed countries. Market, at that time, was euphoric and believed that a similar shine could last forever. Instead, at the end of 1990s, with the advent of New Economy, a new age of production took the place of traditional…

Book on “Divorce and remarriage”
Essays / November 28, 2012

“God created marriage to meet sexual human beings exigencies and for procreation”. This is the sentence that caught me during the reading of Divorce and Remarriage: Four Christian Views (Spectrum Multiview Book Series Spectrum Multiview Book Serie) , a religion book I read a few weeks ago. This work is very interesting both upon literary side and religious. Through four chapters, eminent christian authors explain all the aspects of marriage and divorce.   The book has been realized thanks to the contribution of J. Carl Laney, William a Heth, Thomas R. Edgar and Larry Richards. Each chapter is characterized by a topic where the four writers answer each other for trying to understand the deep meaning of marriage at the light of God’s Word. At the end, the true protagonist of this work is the Gospel, where the first sentences about marriage e divorce are retaken and commented by the authors. In the several chapters, the contributors show own point of view on delicate issues related to marriage and divorce. Through the reading of these pages only a question arises  : Is divorce admitted by Christian religion? According to Jesus’ teaching, divorce shouldn’t be possible, but one possibility is admitted…

See No Evil by Harry Lee Poe
Essays / October 25, 2012

Is our culture made to believe in God? According to several modern thinkers, today it would be impossible to have faith in God, but around the world other eminent writers claim a different point of view. Among such persons, there is Harry Lee Poe, Professor of Faith and Culture at Union University in Jackson.   Poe has written an interesting books titled See No Evil: The Existence of Sin in an Age of Relativism . The author attempts to explain, during his work, the many reasons of the sin unawareness in modern men. Nowadays men seem anesthetized from the sin idea. Sin is view not like a bad action, but a trend, a normal habitude that people cannot renounce. Every time an human being does a sin,  the same human being  tries always to justify his action as if sin was never committed. Harry Lee Poe, through 189 pages, suggests that it is possible to know sin also in our times. In nine chapters Poe analyzes all the aspects of human life by following Jesus’ teaching. Everything can learn to understand the sin meaning by reading the Gospel and the precious advices of Poe’s book. Although I am not English…