Review of L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini
Book reviews , Books in Italian / October 16, 2018

If you are looking for books in Italian, I advise that you read L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini. I read this book recently, because as an Italian book lover, I need to read and review books in Italian, sometimes. L’amore rubato (The Stolen Love in English) is a collection of tales written by the most famous living Italian novelist in the world, namely: Dacia Maraini. Currently there is no translation into other languages, and not even into English about the book. Hence, I think that L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini can be helpful to learn Italian, if you are in an advanced stage of Italian language learning. If you have problems to understand the most complex sentences in Italian, you may always use the automatic translation of Kindle. About this Italian book and its novelist, I can say that Dacia Maraini is a convinced feminist who fought hard to defend the human rights of women. In this collection of impressive tales, the Italian author brings in front of our eyes all of the grief and scream of women abused, killed and raped by those who should love them the most: their husbands, friends, and partners, namely: their men! The book…

Review The Solitude of Prime Numbers Paolo Giordano
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Fiction / February 1, 2018

Here I am with a new book review to push readers to defeat the digital alienation. That is a review about a book written in the Italian language, by Italian author Paolo Giordano. When it was released, in 2008, the book was a real best seller. It was titled La solitudine dei numeri primi. It was translated into English in 2011 with the title” The Solitude of Prime Numbers”. That is a novel about two children (first), two teens (during) and two adults (after). They are Alice and Mattia, two Italian students who endure painful vicissitudes in their lifetime, especially when they were children. Alice has been forced by her father to ski along the Italian mountains. She hates ski and a day has a severe accident that injures one of her legs. The accident causes her to limp forever. Mattia, instead, is a very clever boy, rather, a genius of mathematics. He has a disabled twin, Michela, she was born with a severe brain disease who causes her to be mentally retarded. As you can see, the first emotional impact, that made the novel an international best-seller , has been the contrast between the two twins Mattia and Michela….

Eco-tours, a collection of interviews in Italian by Deborah Regen
Book description , Books in Italian / April 26, 2017

Ecco un ebook che parla di ambiente, biodiversità, viaggi e turismo ecosostenibile, o meglio, di ecoturismo.  L’opera,  di piacevole lettura, è composta da 88 pagine piene di utili consigli e bellissime fotografie. Tutti gli amanti del viaggio e della natura lo apprezzeranno. Eco-tours, di Deborah Regen,  è un libro che tratta di un argomento importante, ovvero: rispetto dell’ambiente, della biodiversità e delle culture locali e lo fa utilizzando l’intermediario più pertinente, cioè il viaggio. Il viaggio ha forme e connotati diversi, può implicare uno spostamento nello spazio, ma può anche significare un cammino introspettivo o di ricerca della conoscenza. Ciò avviene proprio per il fatto che gli itinerari proposti sono attraenti in virtù della natura e della storia che il viaggiatore ha la possibilità di conoscere e sperimentare, grazie alla passione e professionalità di chi lo guiderà durante questa avventura. Le mete proposte sono interessanti e ci sono tutti i link ai vari operatori. All’interno del concetto di turismo promosso dall’autrice, ognuno è compartecipe dell’organizzazione della propria avventura e corresponsabile della sua buona riuscita e questo fa la differenza.  Infatti, i patinati depliant pieni di villaggi turistici dove tutto è già deciso per te, non sortiscono lo stesso effetto di…

Recensione L’ Eredità di una leggenda di Lory La Selva Paduano
Books in Italian , Review IT / February 20, 2017

Quando ho iniziato a sfogliare le prime pagine di questo romanzo storico, mi son detta che sarebbe stato ideale per una fiction televisiva, una di quelle ambientate nell’antica Roma. L’eredita di una Leggenda , ovvero l’edizione italiana del romanzo scritto da Lory La Selva Paduano, si presta benissimo ad una rappresentazione televisiva. In un mondo di soap opera e telenovele stereotipate , questo romanzo rappresenta certamente una novità, perché anzitutto si riferisce a un determinato periodo storico e poi perché approfondisce, anche se con le regole della finzione, la leggendaria vita dell’altrettanto leggendaria figlia di Spartaco.

Review of Inerti by Barbara Giangravè
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Fiction / September 9, 2016

This book tells about a true story as a fiction, rather, it is a fictional work written to talk about a true story. Inerti, indeed, is the debut novel of a talented Italian journalist, Barbara Giangravè, who used the material collected during her journalistic inquiries to write a sharp and compelling book about a burning topic: the countries poisoned for wastes buried underground. I have already reviewed a similar book on the same topic, namely Dead for Duty, the true story of Roberto Mancini,  but while the latter was set in Naples, along the Italian boot in the region of Campania, the book I reviewed here was set in a little town in Sicily. This town does not exist in reality, but according to the detailed descriptions made by the author , it should lie near the city of Syracuse. The fictional town is Acremonte. Currently, the book has only an Italian version, but I hope it will be translated into English very soon. Moreover The Title “Inerti” has a double meaning in Italian, inerti are toxic wastes and people also called coward in English! If I should translate the book, I would use the title “Wastes” because it is…

Review of Ave Mary by Michela Murgia
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Essays / January 25, 2016

I begin telling that I enjoyed reading this book very much. I was amused, surprised, interested and much more again. That is a non-fiction work that can also be catalogued like a religion book, but unfortunately or luckily, it contains a dash of female protest, rather a critique that today we would call “feminism”. Then, this feminist book, titled Ave Mary, was written by Italian writer Michela Murgia. I just read the Italian version of the book and I suppose the English version is not available in the bookstores, yet. Anyway, I wanted to review it, because the topic discussed is very original, current and burning, namely the role of women in the Catholic Church. I would like to say, inside every religion. But women have ever had a role in a religious community? This is the question the author tries to answer. According to the author, the religious role of women was literally invented by the Church. Maybe to create a matching female genre to compare to the big and powerful male genre in which God was identified. But God is only a pure spiritual being who can be both male and female. Unfortunately, since the main folk opinion…

Review of None knows about us by Simona Sparaco
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Fiction / November 11, 2015

This book deserves to be read, remembered and stored inside our heart forever. I have no other word to describe what I felt when I read this work written by Italian writer Simona Sparaco and titled: “None knows about us”. This title is my translation into English of the original Italian title of the book, namely. “ Nessuno sa di noi”. The author got other her books translated into English and it is probable this book will be translated into the English language very soon. The book focuses around a burning topic of our time: the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, also called therapeutic abortion. When can an abortion be defined therapeutic? When, after a prenatal screening, a mother finds out that her baby is misshapen. “ None knows about us” tells right about this: a couple of lovers who are waiting the birth of their first child. The members of the couple are Luce, a journalist, and Pietro, a businessman and the son of the chief of an important Italian company. After several attempts of sex on command aimed to conceive their desired child, Pietro and Luce are overjoyed when they learn she is pregnant. But, one day, after a…

Review of “Sogni di sangue” by Lorenza Ghinelli
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Horror / May 13, 2015

This book is strange and perfect simultaneously. That is always a book only written in Italian by a famous Italian writer: Lorenza Ghinelli. The plot of this book, titled “Sogni di sangue” is cryptic, dark and with a mystery and horror background. Sogni di sangue, I can translate like “Bloody dreams” and also like “Blood dreams”, tells about the creepy relationship between a mother and her son.   The Son’s name is Enoch, what a strange name for a 13 year old guy only, while the mother is Dorotea, a cold and passionless woman who loves occultism. Enoch is a normal student, seemingly, with only one problem: he limps and for this, he is also forced to wear metal implants to walk and go to school easily. For this trouble, Enoch is bullied by his classmates. One night the guy comes to home with a swollen eye. Dorotea takes care her son and help him to fall asleep and to forget his problems. But it is at this stage of the story that the book turns into a horror novel. While he sleeps, Enoch dreams horrible things, like for instance, to be inside the drain of the city, where he…

Review of “ La fine del mondo storto” by Mauro Corona
Book reviews , Books in Italian , Fiction / March 27, 2015

I wrote this book review with a big sadness in my hearth and a great disappointment. All this is not because I read a bad book but, on the contrary, because I read an enlightening book, a great truth about this world and the human beings who have inhabited on it for millions of years. The book I am speaking about is titled: “La fine del mondo storto”. This is always a book written in Italian by the famous novelist Mauro Corona and that it would be wonderful to translate in English.   We chose this other kind of review because we would like that the English readers read good and excellent books. “La fine del mondo storto” is one of the ones. If we tried to translate the title of this book, the right name would be “ The end of the wrong world”. I am sure that now it is easier understanding the deeper meaning of this book. “La fine del mondo storto” tells about an epoch where our planet runs out all its energy sources, namely oil, nuclear energy and coal. The author imagines and describes what would happen if the mainstream energy sources ended forever. The…