Review of The Language of Sand by Ellen Block
Best sellers , Book reviews / March 2, 2015

Is it possible to overcome one the most awful griefs of life, namely the loss of a beloved son and of a husband? This is the main question of “ The Language of Sand “, the bestseller written by Ellen Block, a talented author who became famous around the world just thanks to this poignant and deep novel. The Language of Sand tells the story of Abigail Harker, a lexicographer who has all a woman can desire in this world: a beloved husband, Paul, and a beloved four year old son: Justin. This happy family lives in a beautiful residence furnished like a country manor. One day, Abigail lost everything: her home, but, above all, her loved son and husband. All lost because of a sudden and unforeseen fire. During the fire, Paul manages to save Abigail, while he and the little son die. That tragic day, the life of Abigail changes forever. To tell the truth, the book begins after the tragedy happened, but I wanted to write the story of this female character because it is the core and the focus of the entire book. Abigail is a woman who is shaken and destroyed by an immense grief….

Review of Men who hate women by Stieg Larsson
Best sellers , Book reviews / February 16, 2015

This is a crime thriller capable to overcome the perfect plot of the American TV movie ‘ Criminal Minds’. However, this book is not American but it comes from by the mind of the one the most talented European authors: Stieg Larsson, the Swedish journalist and writer died prematurely in November of 2004 because of a sudden heart attack. The book is the first of a trilogy entitled Millenium, its title is ‘Men who hate women‘. The original version of the book was written in Swedish and later translated in English, German, Spanish and Italian. The title of the English version is, in reality, ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. Since its first release, ‘Men who hate women’ got a planetary success, almost incredible for a European author. Which is the real reason of all this success? The reason is the plot and the style of writing of this author. ‘Men who hate women’ keeps readers with bated breath from the first to the last page and consider we are speaking about a book of 600 pages. ‘Men who hate women’ is the story of the financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist, also editor in chief of Millenium, the magazine founded by…

Review of Florence and Giles by John Harding
Best sellers , Book reviews / January 20, 2015

This book was successful before it was published. It is obvious that after publishing, the book became a bestseller. We are referring to “Florence and Giles”, the mystery book written by John Harding. This tale begins with a murky atmosphere set in New England during 1891. Inside an old and abandoned manor, called Blithe House, two brothers live along with the housekeeper Mrs Grouse. They are the 12 year old Florence and her younger brother Giles. Their tutor is the uncle who, however, lives in New York. Florence spends her days in a tower filled with every type of book. The girl was forbidden to learn reading because her uncle believes that reading is dangerous for women. Because of this forbiddance, Florence is forced to go to the tower secretly. Her readings are often interrupted by a young neighbour, Theo Van Hoosier, who keeps Florence company when Giles is sent at school for very long. It is at this stage of the tale that the book takes a surprising turn! The life and the readings of Florence are, indeed, shaken from the arrival of the new governess, Miss Taylor, a strange woman that looks like the previous governess drowned in…

Review of Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross
Best sellers , Book reviews / December 17, 2014

This book is regarded as the most important feminist manifesto. We are speaking about Pope Joan, the best seller (buy here) written by the famous American novelist Donna Woolfolk Cross. Pope Joan is a fiction, but also an historical novel. In this book there is all that readers want: intrigue, love, sex and above all, the overwhelming life of a woman, Joanne, who fought for all her life to have the same rights of men. Joanna, indeed, was born in the Middle Age, namely in 814, an epoch where women were considered less than nothing or needless things and not worthy to be educated. Joan, instead, is a smart girl hungry for knowledge.   This smart woman decides to disguise herself like a man and use the name of his brother Joan killed by Vikings. Thanks to this disguising, Johanna may study art and science, even though she always studies secretly thanks to help of another man, a priest, or rather, a monk. Torn between the love for a man and the passion for books, Johanna chooses the latter, leaves her poor country and always disguised like a monk, she lives inside a Benedictine abbey. Later, Joanna, disguised as a…

Review of Wings by Aprilynne Pike
Best sellers , Book reviews / November 21, 2014

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the famous Twilight series has defined this book “an exceptional story fantasy enriched by a very sweet love story”. This story is like this for us as well. We are speaking about Wings, the bestseller written by Aprilynne Pike, the young American author also reviewed by The New York Times. Wings is the story of Laurel, a 15 year teenager who just moved to another country and another school together with her parents.   One day, the girl finds out a strange lesion appeared on her shoulders. After a few days, the mysterious lesion becomes a beautiful couple of wings. However, by looking them better, the wings seem like flowers. Laurel is shocked and confesses her trouble to her new friend David. This guy likes biology and helps Laurel to understand the origin of her wings. The real cause and origin of the wings on the back of Laurel is fully revealed by the strange Tamani, a handsome boy whom Laurel met in the wood of the country where he lived along with her parents. Tamani reveals Laurel is not human, but a plant, or rather a fairy coming from a magic world. The girl,…

Review of The Rainmaker by John Grisham
Best sellers , Book reviews / November 10, 2014

He is the most famous and brightest novelist in the world. He wrote over 25 books (29 is the right number). He is John Grisham, an American novelist who got an international career in creative writing. Among the bestsellers by John Grisham, Advicesbooks has chosen to review The Rainmaker  a book written by Grisham in 1995 and we read last year. We also read “The Appeal”, bestseller written by Mr. Grisham in 2008, but during the readings, we liked The Rainmaker much more.   This book follows the usual style of Grisham’s writing and the same topic, namely a legal story. But The Rainmaker does still more: it tells us a moving story, like the ones everyone could live in his own life. The book, about 500 pages, speaks about a young lawyer Rudy Baylor, who, while is about to get a law degree, manages to find a job in the most influent legal office in Memphis. Unfortunately, Rudy loses this job because the law firm is sold to another owner and thus the young lawyer is forced to do another part- time job at a bar of the country. During this experience, Rudy is introduced to an ambulance chaser….

Review of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
Best sellers , Book reviews / October 24, 2014

Who are Dr. Faraday and Caroline and her brother Roderick? They are the amazing and improbable characters of The Little Stranger, a masterpiece written by a very talented Welsh novelist: Sarah Waters. The Little Stranger develops a story in the history of the twentieth century, by beginning from the early years of 1900, by going through the Second World War and ending to the post war. The book  has been defined as a gothic novel, because it is intertwined along with a murky background made of a desolate manor which is probably haunted by a ghost. Could this ghost be the true protagonist of The Little Stranger? We can’t be sure about that. The Title of the book leads us to think just like this, but the whole story makes we think the little stranger could just be Dr. Faraday, a solitary man who during his childhood frequented a big house where aristocratic families have lived since 1700. This big house is now inhabited by Mrs Angela Ayres and her daughter Caroline and her son Roderick. The latter has fought during the war and shows signs of post traumatic stress and even madness. Both of two brothers, now adult and…

And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Best sellers / May 24, 2013

This new review of Advicesbooks comes back to speak about fiction and best seller. The story, this time, is written by a famous Afghan author: Khaled Hosseini. After the success of two previous novels: The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, the author offers us a new fascinating tale where family feelings are preeminent. The title of this work is: And the Mountains Echoed.   That is a book of 404 pages published by Riverhead Hardcover. And The Mountains Echoed tells a story of an Afghan family, a story of two brothers, or rather, between a brother and a sister in the hard and cold territory of Afghanistan. The novel is touching and extremely rich of emotions because it speaks about a family that goes from a country to another, from Kabul and San Francisco and Paris. Once again critics speak about an airport story, a novel in which the characters move from their origin town toward a new future without losing love and respect for each other. In this novel, two world, East and West, embrace with an emotional approach to life, by going over a long run that begins from 1950s to today. Even though the story…

Harry Potter books
Best sellers / October 18, 2012

Here we are going to speak about the most famous bestsellers in the world: the books on Harry Potter. These books have been written by J.R Rowling, an English fiction writer and producer of movies. Her true name is Joanne Murray and was born on 31July 1965 in Yate, a town in South Gloucestershire. This author has been able to create a literary case, a successful case, it is possible to say.   The Harry Potter story consists of seven books written in a long time between 1997 and 2007: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow. Each single book concerns a young wizard called Harry Potter and his magic experience of training at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Set in the present, the Harry Potter stories tell us about a normal person who has to overcome several obstacles in his life. The problems begin very soon for Harry Potter, because his parents were killed by the Dark…