Books to resolve sexual problems in marriage

October 6, 2012

To resolve sexual problems in marriage a couple doesn’t need Viagra o Cialis, but to read  good books about this topic. Marriage is the most beautiful experience of life, but only you are able to live sex in a natural and free way. Living a free sex doesn’t mean to play around your partner, but making love without fear or emotional blocks.

Sex problems in marriage affect both men and women. Often, it is not easy to explain the true causes of sexual problems,  maybe these are triggered by behavioural disorders such as anxiety, depression, low self- esteem, perfectionism.

Sometimes, sexual difficulty is inside the relationship. Disappointment, resentment, autonomy problems and emotional dependency can trigger several sexual problems.

Hide troubles worsens the insecurity of the two partners.

In this post we want to advise two books can be useful to know more about sexual problems and resolve them.

The first title we found is: Resurrecting Sex: Solving Sexual Problems and Revolutionizing Your Relationship.

This book was published by Harper Collins in 2002 and wrote by Dr. David Schnarch,  an eminent member of Marriage Family Healt Center and a marital therapist.

This volume explains the causes of sexual problems in marriage and helps resolve them once and for all.

The second title is Sexual Problems in Marriage: Help from a Christian Counselor

This book faces the sexual problems in marriage from a Christian perspective.

Written in 1978 by F. Philip Rice, this second work is an evergreen book to deepen the several facets of marital troubles.

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