On January, 27, 1945, the Soviet troops opened the gates of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The opening of the gates showed the horror of the Nazi genocide to the entire world. From then, this date and the following days have been remembered as the memory days. In these days, every year, people remember the victims of the Holocaust. This event is the most awful of the history. Just over the following years, the extermination perpetrated by the Nazis has been told through many books.

I have also reviewed some of these books and for this reason this year I didn’t want to show other books about this topic, because my purpose is the one to suggest quality books only. I have already reviewed memoirs about the deportation of Jews and I always cry when read them. I am always deeply touched by these stories which witness the immense suffering of innocent people, arrested, tortured and killed by crazy people for no reason.

Unfortunately, the Holocaust is a part of our history and our past and it would be extremely wrong to forget reading books about this painful topic. Indeed, books teach and open our mind and it is still more important reading books that allow us to say that a similar crime must never happen, nevermore! Here is the book I advise my readers read.

If This Is a Man: That is a biographical book written by an Italian deported by the Nazis in 1944. Primo Levi is one of the people survived to deportation. Read my full review here.

Le Wagon: This is also a touching historical account of the Nazi Deportation during the Second World War written by the French novelist Rykner Arnaud. Currently, there are only two versions of this book: Italian and French. Read my full review here.

Passage From England: This is the story of a life, the life of a child who, during the postwar, witnessed the self destruction of his father, a Polish who worked in England as a British Air Force soldier after the Poland government settled temporarily in this country during the Second World War. This is “Passage from England, a memoir” by Frank Zajaczkowski. Read my full review here.

Country of Ash:This is an historical and biographical book written by Edward Reicher, a Jewish doctor, dermatologist and physician lived in Poland during Nazi occupation lasted from 1939 to 1945. Read my full review here.

That‘s all, my dear readers, for today. I don’t want to write more about this, but only read, pray and think, to never forget these victims. I hope you’ll do the same after reading these books.

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