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May 16, 2017

books to prevent multiple sclerosisIn this post, I published a list of books to prevent multiple sclerosis. Beware: to prevent and not to heal. In these books you could also find suggestions about new treatments for this disease, but since I am not a doctor, but a book reviewer, my only interest is only to suggest books which contain the best solution to prevent MS. In my opinion, this is the worst disease of our century, along with cancer. Both of them are chronic diseases relating to different organs of the human body, but with equal causes. Both of them can be caused by genes or environmental conditions or lifestyle. When diseases are caused genetically, many solutions described in medical and science books can be pointless, but when diseases are caused by bad diet and lifestyle or particular environmental conditions, the suggestions of books can be very helpful.

I published this list because I lost one of my loved ones a couple of months ago, just for a disease which was very similar to multiple sclerosis. I prefer not to talk about this experience because it is possible you are living the same and I don’t want remind or raise anguish or grief. I only know that multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases are increasing in developed countries and are becoming as real as an awful outbreak. To tell the truth, not so global, but located in Western and developed countries in which there are more pollution, diet with saturated fats and smokers. Some researchers proved that in underdeveloped countries multiple sclerosis rarely begins, while in the western countries, every day a new patient is diagnosed with this disease.

And so? What we can do to stop this outbreak, and, above all, what we must do to prevent it? The foundation of a long life is surely a healthy diet and lifestyle along with living in a not polluted environment. Our cells and neurons can’t resist the bad habits forever, it is as if we forced our cells and neurons to get crazy until to the point to attack us and our same body. Among others, the term “autoimmune disease” relates just to this: the human body attacks itself. Sometimes, I think that our neurons and cells don’t recognize our body because our body is unrecognizable, by now.

Unfortunately, I am not a doctor and I am unable to give you a medical reply about to heal and prevent multiple sclerosis. However, I am absolutely sure that a proper diet and lifestyle can do miracles to prevent the unbalance of the immune system and autoimmune diseases. I suggest that you stay away from books and websites that reveal magical medicines to heal multiple sclerosis written by people who are not doctors. Focus your attention, instead, on books written by established doctors, nutritional biologists and other professionals who treated and know multiple sclerosis.

The list of the best books to prevent sclerosis multiple is not so long, but the long lists you can find at other places could be misleading for you. That is why I selected a list of diet and inspirational books which can really help us to prevent multiple sclerosis.

The best book I feel to advise is titled The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principlesby Terry Wahls. The book was released in 2014 and has been written by a doctor and a physician.

The second book on this list is: Healing Multiple Sclerosis: Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover for Total Recovery. Also, if this book talks about healing multiple sclerosis, suggests some good practices to consider, above all, when we feel good, especially diet and suggestions to detoxify our body and prevent multiple sclerosis. The author is Ann Boroch, certified nutritional consultant and naturopath, who wrote the book in 2013 and released a new revised edition in 2014.

Although it was written in 1987, a very useful book to prevent autoimmune disease and multiple sclerosis is: The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book: A Low-Fat Diet for the Treatment of M.S., Revised and Expanded Edition

I also recommend this book:The MS Recovery Diet: Identify the Foods That Will Heal Your Disease. As you can see, these are books written by doctors to treat multiple sclerosis, but I suggest that you read them to discover diet and food to prevent it.

To prevent this disease, another book to learn a good lifestyle is: Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery.

To prevent serious diseases as multiple sclerosis, also prepare the recipes in this cookbookCooking Well: Multiple Sclerosis: Over 75 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Nutritional Healing.  I saw other books online, but these specifically talk about theories and new therapies for sclerosis multiple.

Since I respect people with severe diseases, I think that treatment must performed with the help of established doctors. Health books like the one I mentioned above can instead provide new clues to prevent and avoid diseases. To know more about this disease, instead, I suggest that you read the books listed on the official website of National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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