Books help us to learn many things about the meaning of life, but also about our lifestyle. To improve our lifestyle and wellness, the best books are those speaking about healthy diet. Diet is not only a way to lose weight, but also to learn eating in a natural and healthy manner. Through useful and earnest books, consumers can also find out upsetting truths about the food industry and how the network of multinationals is controlling the entire market of food. One of those truths is the big deal on unrefined and refined grains. In the past, our ancestors ate whole grains.


After the 1960s, human beings have begun to eat only refined grains, namely cereal lacking of the best compound for our diet: bran. This one is the noble part of the grain since it contains wheat germ, an important natural substance very rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols. Whole grains also contain many alimentary fibers, other important substances which counteract many diseases and purify our body by poisons and toxic chemical compounds. Unfortunately, today, in supermarket, whole grains are very hard to find, especially in little countries.

It is easier to find refined cereals, which are without bran and other important nutrients. Nowadays, most of bread, pasta and biscuits are made with refined grains. They are immediately detectable by their white or clear color. Unrefined foods have instead a brown color. To prevent many diseases, we should eat every day only foods made with whole grains. Sometimes, it is possible to buy some unrefined food, but this food could hide a big scam.

Many of these foods, indeed, are made with refined flour which has been supplemented with bran obtained from wastes of the refinement process. This flour is undergone in an industrial process that leads to eliminate the brown part of the grain, included bran which contains the precious wheat germ. And thus, all of us every day eat foods lacking of important nutrients which could help us to prevent and fight serious and harmful diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attack and even cancer.

Many oncologists confirm that to eat only refined grains conduces our body to develop the just quoted diseases because it is deprived of the protection of antioxidants contained in whole grains. Don’t let the food industry deceives you. In this framework, it is very healthy and important you know how to identify the real unrefined food from the false one. The latter often has a strange yellow color, with some track of brown. This is the false unrefined food, the one deprived of bran.

The true unrefined foods have a uniform and compact brown color. Maybe you don’t know that for many years the real unrefined foods ( the ones with a uniform color brown) have been sold like pet food. We got this very useful information from books revealing the biggest scams that are surrounding food industry. To allow you to defend yourself by this dangerous food scam, we advise to read: Whole Grains and Health a very exhaustive book about the amazing benefits of the diet based on whole grains.


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