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March 13, 2015

submit-your-book-hereDear author, to submit your book on this Italian book site, you must go to this page.

This book site is based in Italy and Europe, namely the capitals of global literature. 


That is a necessary step to gain links to your book in Italy and Europe, also.

Moreover, many publishers release traditionally only books mentioned internationally.

No international promotion and no international reviews mean no interest from readers and publishers.

Set and customize a strategy to strengthen your literary resume, also,  show people that you are an author known abroad!

Indeed, with my book promotion services, you can get:

  • high exposure in a website where readers buy the books I promote through Amazon affiliate links ( in the past month,  my readers bought 25 books through this website!!!)
  • views from foreign readers on the articles about your book
  •  opinions about your book from foreign readers on Amazon, Goodreads and on other websites
  •  mentions on other literary websites, forums and magazines
  • new visitors to your official website
  • your book noticed and released by foreign publishers
  • book review in Italian published on an important Italian literary forum
  • book review in English published on an important American literary forum
  • press release in Italian published on an important Italian PR agency website
  • press release in English published on an important international PR agency website
  • your book reviewed by an Italian journalist
  • your book endorsed by foreign novelists.

For more information about the things you read above,

send your questions to,

otherwise,  submit your book now.


Carol Rubright (Jean Carroll), author of  Warrior Spirit, on said: “This is a great post for the book! Very professionally done”.

Kristina O’Donnelly, author of Land of The Morning series, on said: “I really am so thrilled by this review and press release! It has managed to delve into the spirit and message of the novel”.

TS Krupa, author of Safe & Sound,Apr 11 2016 on Twitter:Advicesbooks your review gave me goosebumps it was so thoughtful“.

Eleonora Elle ( L. Vucetich),  author of Eloise, The Secret Behind The Mask, Sept 16, 2016 on Facebook:Sei una persona straordinaria. Super professionale. È stato un piacere lavorare con te, è stata la scelta migliore che potessi fare“. “You are an extraordinary person, highly professional. It was a pleasure working with you. It has been the best choice I could do“.
Fabrizio Ulivieri, author of Rugìle, June 01, 2017 by email: “Rosalba sei una grande! La terza recensione spacca!  Lo sapevo che potevo fidarmi di te“.  “Rosalba you are great!  The third review is explosive! I knew I could trust you!

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