Book reviews in the Italian language

July 3, 2015

Dear author, today I brings to you a new interesting service to turn your book into a best seller: book reviews in the Italian language. Why I made  this apparently strange decision? It is simple: in order to get your book noted by Italian publishers, translated into the Italian language for free and sold in Italy!

Around the world, there are many translation services for a fee, but these services are nearly always too expensive for indie authors. Translations have to be paid per page and when a book is many pages, the cost can become unbearable, especially for these authors who don’t manage to sell many books on Amazon and other self publishing platforms.

This condition pushed me to offer  book reviews in the Italian language to all self published authors seeking to be translated, published and sold in another country. Being reviewed in another language is the best strategy for being translated and sold in another country and to turn a book into a best seller.

Your book will be read in English by me,  an Italian journalist and a bilingual writer who writes in Italian and English.  After writing the review in Italian, it will be published in the new category of Advicesbooks called Review IT and shared on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook only with Italian publishers and readers.

If this audience should appreciate the review and the plot of your book, many chances could open in order to be translated, published and sold in Italy. Italian publishers and readers, indeed, love reading foreign authors very much. I invite you to contact me as soon as possible, especially if you are selling very few copies of your book in your country (on Amazon or other self publishing platforms).

To get a review for your book in the Italian language and make your work visible to Italian readers and publishers, you can also submit your book for review on the page of my book promotion services.   

This kind of review is a translation service that can replace the whole translation of your book and with a less expensive cost than the one.

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