God created marriage to meet sexual human beings exigencies and for procreation”. This is the sentence that caught me during the reading of Divorce and Remarriage: Four Christian Views (Spectrum Multiview Book Series Spectrum Multiview Book Serie)
, a religion book I read a few weeks ago.

This work is very interesting both upon literary side and religious. Through four chapters, eminent christian authors explain all the aspects of marriage and divorce.


The book has been realized thanks to the contribution of J. Carl Laney, William a Heth, Thomas R. Edgar and Larry Richards. Each chapter is characterized by a topic where the four writers answer each other for trying to understand the deep meaning of marriage at the light of God’s Word.

At the end, the true protagonist of this work is the Gospel, where the first sentences about marriage e divorce are retaken and commented by the authors. In the several chapters, the contributors show own point of view on delicate issues related to marriage and divorce.

Through the reading of these pages only a question arises  : Is divorce admitted by Christian religion? According to Jesus’ teaching, divorce shouldn’t be possible, but one possibility is admitted in case of adultery. This word has been translated in different ways, also like “porneia” o “unfaithful”.

Moses’ law permitted divorce for porneia, but Jesus says that God allowed this law for hardness of heart human. At the origin, therefore, God created marriage like an indissoluble condition.

The last chapter of book opens a glimmer to talk about “divorce and remarriage under a variety of circumstances”. In these page, stories of violence and abuses are told. These are stories that transform marriage in caricature of itself, where husband, wife and their sons live an impossible condition of life. In these case, is divorce allowed?

The four authors conclude that, initially, God created marriage forever, but when a separation is necessary, Lord is always available to forgive and welcome divorced people into Christian Church.

The book “Devorce and remarriage – Four Christian Views” was published in 1990 by H. Wayne House and has 267 pages. The book also deals with the remarriage issue. Can a divorced person remarriage? To answer this question, I advice you to read the volume I have just reviewed.

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      Hi Phil. Thank you so much for appreciating my work. Sometimes, it can be very hard starting a blog. Especially a book blog. But if you have passion, everything becomes easier!

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