Figures of the One Must Go by Victor Living among the best selling philosophy books

May 11, 2018

best selling philosophy booksAre you interested in reading and buying the best selling philosophy books, but, above all, is there a philosophy book that became a real best seller? Yes, there is. I am discussing about Figures of the One Must Go by Victor Living. This work has sold tons of copies since the first three months of his release. It is not traditionally published, but self-published by a new author living in the US. Indeed, his pen name Victor Living is already a symbol. Starting from his pen name, in this best-selling philosophy book, the author deepened the most hidden sides of the modern world, its gloomy nuances and the worst flaws of Humans.

It is really interesting reading a book written by such author-originator who lives in the US. Just these days, where the fear of a new cold war between the US and Russia is always closer and closer, a philosophy book like this can give an unconventional point of view to try fixing the problems of the globalized world.

The main philosophical concept of the book is that the worst human happenings, such as exploitation, wars, slavery, dictatorship, have the same root, in common. If you observe the subtitle of the book, namely Symbolical Logo Roots, injustice comes from a very ancient human root founded on greed and dominance of people over other people.  That is the book 1,  because the author wants to release two interesting philosophical sequels. In this first book, anyway,  the author asks the following question to all of us: Why, despite the great figures of the past, such as Galileo Galilei, Aristotle and shining examples of Democracy such as Greece and despite the faith in God, Evil always prevails over Good?

The upsetting explanation is in this best-selling philosophy book, that is also a must read work! But this is only one of the many topics explored in the book. There are many other ones that readers must read to deepen the several points of view faced by the author.

Moreover, Victor Living has added other controversial chapters to the book, such as Male Marriage, surely a fairly controversial and burning modern topic to discuss nowadays.

To help us better understand the modern world,  this best-selling philosophy book has been split into different chapters, everyone with a own title and topic which summarize four different paths of life: Philosophical Path, Psychological Path, Political Path, Lyrical Path.

These various chapters are perfectly intertwined among them, to lead us to a unique, clear and shocking truth: we are all programmed like a software and not only because of the widespread presence of the Internet and digital devices. They are undoubtedly guilty and accomplices in this big game of manipulation, but the mechanism to control our life and mind is more sinister and perverse. That is why, among the best-selling philosophy books, the one written by Victor Living deserves to be read.

I read it and can affirm that the book expands our mind on the strange and often unfair contradictions of the 21st century. Browsing the various pages, you’ll be driven to know more about the private life of the author, his childhood, his early stages of his philosophical journey. At the beginning, in fact, the author also discusses about his personal and private life, his relationship with the parents, especially his wise and clever father, that in the book turns out to be a real philosopher capable to express and give life tips and advice about friendship, disease, poverty and richness.

But not only, through four different paths of life, the author takes advantage to tell also about the tragedy of 09/11 and the misleading manipulation behind this same tragedy. He also goes across the alleged Russian plot to foster the election of Donald Trump.

In short, this writer managed to offer an excellent comparison between beauty and ugliness of our modern life. In the book, the author also faces the concept of Capitalism, that has been shown as another wicked manipulation tool. Today, due to Capitalism, the power only belongs to money and not to humankind. From here, you can find further explanations about other modern distortions, such as broken promises by politicians, economic crisis, enslavement and exploitation of labor.

Through the book, readers can find surprising answers on their doubts and their own life, to expand their mind and gain inner peace and joy of living.

Thanks to this book, they’ll also gain, the courage to overcome grief and loss and the power to face the daily and unavoidable troubles of the modern lifestyle. For all I said here, this is one of the most outstanding and unexpected  best-selling philosophy books of the 21st Century and surely the best for beginners, book lovers and for all of us.

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