Advicesbooks Prize, Best books 2018

January 10, 2019

Here I am again with the new edition of the Advicesbooks Prize to award the best books I read in 2018. Welcome to a new discover about little and big literary masterpieces in two separated categories: traditionally published novelists and self published authors.

Best Books 2018

Are you ready to discover the best titles I read in the past year?  Are you sure?

Well, start now and you’ll discover that the best books of 2018, read through this book site, are only two: one in the category traditionally published authors and one in the category self-published authors.

Best books 2018

As regards the category of traditionally published authors, the best book I read in  2018 is Origin by Dan Brown.

Why I rewarded this already famous novelist? Not  because he is known, but because his novel is a real literary masterpiece. The reasons of this Prize are explained in my book review, but, in short, Origin won the new edition of the Advicesbooks Prize for the great talent of the author  to closely mix science, religion and the current topic of artificial intelligence, turning them into a post-modern  mystery novel.

Through the plot, Dan Brown unravels the ominous consequences of digital alienation pushing them in the larger focus of the religious explanation.  The plot of Origin is about a futurologist who made a shocking discovery that, in turn,  will  upset the foundations  of Religion and Creation.

As regards the category of self- published authors, the best book I read in 2018 is Our Frail Disordered Lives by Mary M. Schmidt.  That is a likewise modern novel, with a dash of striking horror and a very religious meaning.

The plot is about a married man who sells his soul to a demon to gain richness and wellness in his life, but the consequences of his  bad choice will open the way to a dark modern world dominated by vicious relationships, nuns who lose their virginity, women who win talent shows because are simply possessed by demons.

Everything happens  in a modern world that craves the impossible and forgets the possible.  In short,  the novelist wrote  a stunning horror story focused on the demonic influences in our modern society.  The book won the Advicesbooks Prize because the author wrote about a burning  topic  through  a breathtaking  horror novel.

See you next year,  with Advicesbooks Prize 2019,  to reward the best books I’ll read this year.

In the meanwhile, I wish you good reading.

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