This time, I want speak about a book very intensive and rich of emotions. It is titled: Beating Bipolar: How One Therapist Tackled His Illness . . . and How What He Learned Could Help You! His author is a young man who suffered from bipolar disorder in the past: Blake Levine.

Today, Blake is married and has a wonderful daughter. Blake has written this book to witness how it is possible to have a normal life even if you are suffering from bipolar disorder.


But what is bipolar disorder? In his book, the author clearly explains what bipolar disorder means. These words describe a mental illness that involves many people in the developed world. Today, It is estimated that the people suffering from bipolar disorder are between the four or five per cent of whole population. This mental illness hits men and women, both youths and adults. The first bipolar disorders symptoms can birth within young age or in the late teen age.

During this illness,  patients have strong mood swings, characterized by depression and iper-frienzed states. During depression, a person can also think to commit suicide. During euphoric mood,  the same person can feel very important and have grandiose ideas. This is what is happened to Blake Levine. The author today is a counsellor who helps many people suffering from bipolar disorder.

Beating bipolar is an extraordinary experience proving it is always possible having a normal life despite the mental illness. Beating bipolar has 186 pages and has been published by Hay House. I don’t wish to reveal further information about this interesting book, because to know the author’s experience and bipolar disorder, you need to read “ Beating bipolar”.

I can only say that this work is a sincere and felt book that comes from the deeper of heart. Bipolar disorder, also called manic depression, needs to help, love and nurturing. Across these, a person with bipolar disorder will find serenity, grace and happiness.

Today, Blake Levine helps the other bipolar people through a health community.  Reach this help group at this url:

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  1. cathy Kuttel

    I am desperately seeking help from Blake. I have a 31 yr old son who is ADHD extreme and after reading Beating Bipolar, well in the book you may as well have used Jason’s name, it was like you were describing him and that the book was about him. We are going thru hell here and I really need help on how to deal with him.

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