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December 3, 2014

Enjoy this cheap book press release service. Every day, indeed, I receive many review requests and I am very happy for that, but very often I am also forced to choose among these requests and select only a few books. However, I am aware that around in the world, there are other talented and aspiring authors who would like to be reviewed. For these people, I have thought to launch a new service called “ author’s press releases”.

That is a cheaper book press release service to promote your book internationally,  on this literary website based in Italy and Europe.

With “ auhors’s press releases”, an author, both unpublished and already published or established, can  get the publication of a note about his book. This note must be 200 words long, not more than 200 words, preferred 150. In the same note, the author can describe title, genre and plot of this book, date of release, price  and also to add the cover for the paper edition. It is very easy to get the publication of notes and press releases on

Your note will be published as a single article and will also appear on the home page, along with the list of other articles, interviews and reviews written by Advicesbooks, with the opportunity to be shared on the social networks with an international audience.   Author’s press releases, namely press releases written by you,  are only five euros. What are you waiting? For more information, write at the contact form or order the service here.


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