Are you obsessed with your writing?

March 4, 2015

As I have said several times, the field of writing is going through a hard moment. There are too many competitors and the online bookshelves are overloaded with new books and e-books. Despite all this, many writers continue writing books or articles for websites and magazines. The career of this tide of aspiring authors is very long and sometimes endless. Their path seems really endless and everyone tends to develop a strange sensation of emptiness and frustration.

If you are in this painful condition, It is probable you are also a writer obsessed with his own writing. Why do you write even when your success looks like unreachable? It is not so easy to reply this question. The reasons can be several and often unexplainable. What it is sure is that writing is wonderful, awesome and very, very relaxing. This is one the most important reasons that explain the strong passion of many writers for their job. But this passion, especially when it remains dissatisfied, is very dangerous because it leads to a path of intense suffering. The sufferings of writers are often emotional.

When a deep desire is broken by the saturation of the writing market, the rate of frustration can be very high. Many writers began their career when they were young and it is possible they are still seeking their success even though today they are in the adult age. Can a big passion justify the obstinacy to continue writing even with the risk to die from starvation and get never success? Sincerely, I cannot reply this further question.

If a person writes as a hobby, the problem of poverty doesn’t exist, but if the same person desires to write for money, the problem is or can become enormous and unbearable. Around the world, there are many writers who became poor because they were too obsessed with their passion for writing. They got this because they have lived only to write books or articles, by forgetting the other important things and people of their own life. This condition is nearly always linked to an obsessive compulsive disorder or a depression.

In another article I spoke about the relationship between creativity and depression. When a writer develops feelings of disappointment and frustration, or rather, sleeplessness, mood swings, strong rage and other mental symptoms, he should ask for a help to a psychologist.

By undertaking a psychotherapy, the writer obsessed with his writing may learn new methods to struggle with the frustration and failures, but, above all, learn that he is not guilty for his defeat. In the field of writing, failure is always caused by external causes: too many competitors and few opportunities to find paid freelance writing jobs. The same problem is also for authors who want to sell their books. Many months ago I wrote a review about how to write an ebook and get paid. This is a review that also shows the pros and cons of the hard craft of writing.

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  • paul s uriaz March 6, 2015 at 06:10

    your right about the ups and downs, yet writing has other values
    than finding a readership or making a few pennies, for your trouble
    I like writing, for instance, spegetti western stories, or tales of fiction no one cares
    about.. or stories that evolve into other art forms, plays, film , video, performance art ect… hell is a lot of other people… , and finding like minded anything..
    is hell on earth….

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