All That Glitters Is Not Gold by Lucy Killebrew and Linda Law

March 9, 2015

“I remember the day of my twelfth birthday as if it were yesterday. I remember standing in the middle of an empty house holding my six year old brother, Tom Cat, and trying to think what I needed to do. His name is Thomas, but I’ve called him Tom Cat all his life. I stroked his back as he cried into my shoulder. He would winch when I touched the whelps from the beating the night before, but he was so scared that his craving for comfort wouldn’t allow him to pull away from me.


Instead, he buried his head deeper into my neck. I remembered that his back was cut from the lashes of the belt and patted his rear instead of his back. I was acutely aware that his nose was running and he was wiping it on my freshly washed hair, but decided not to make an issue of it then…that was the least of my problems.


Sixteen years later, Ann had kept her promise to her brother, but now someone else needs her. The baby she gave up twelve years ago. Ann is sure he is in danger and hires Nikki Smithson to find her son. She just wants to know he’s okay. But he is not okay.

Law and Killebrew team up to weave an incredible story of child abduction, human trafficking and political corruption on an epic scale. From one couple’s pain comes the culmination of decades of pain for parents and children caught in a web of horror.

The  book is available on and was published by Falling Rock Publishing.

Paperback: 10 dollars

Kindle edition: 3.35 dollars

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