best-books- 2016Dear authors and readers, as promised, I wanted to open this new year, with the third Edition of Advicesbooks Prize. This prize is a special mention and a praise for all those authors who wrote the best books I read in 2016. For me and for this book review site, hence, these are the best books of 2016.  Indeed, I read many books last year. They belonged to many literary genres, from children’s books, fiction (such as horror, romance, mystery, historical novels) to nonfiction (such as biographies, inspirational books) and poetry. I enjoyed some stories very much, someone a bit of less. I reviewed many literary works and some of them have remained imprinted on my heart forever.

Unforgettable books always deserve to be made public in order to let other book lovers can read them. As usual, Advicesbooks Prize rewards only two kinds of books belonging to two different categories: famous and translated authors and new authors who wrote and released books only in English.

For the first category, namely, famous and translated authors, the best book I read last year is The Silence of the Wave by Gianrico Carofiglio. The book told about the life and deeds of an undercover policeman who fought against drug smugglers and witnessed all of horror and violence of this delicate role. During this reading I have cried several times. The plot is very touching and poignant and for this reason I decided to award this book with the following praise: for exploring human feelings and emotions with heartfelt and deep intensity and for engaging readers up to leave them strongly touched by the story.

For more information about The Silence of the Wave, you can read my review. If you want to buy this book, instead, click this link.

For the second category, namely new authors who wrote and released only the English edition of their book, the best book I read last year is The Imaginary Wizard by Phillip Vaira. That is a children’s book which is also suitable for adult readers. The story tells about a guy, Alex, who witnessed the destruction of his own village and who tries to react by imagining to be a wizard. The plot faces many modern and burning issues, such as social injustice and unfair working conditions. For this reason, I also decided to award this book with the following praise: for teaching to children and parents the meaning of hope and courage even when everything seems to go bad. For encouraging all people to never surrender. For helping young readers to believe in their dreams against any prejudice.

For more information about The Imaginary Wizard, please see here. If you want to buy the book, please click this link.

I am very sorry to not reward other books I read last year, but I don’t have other reviewers who read books on behalf of me. I work alone and every year I can mention and reward only two books. I really hope to reward more books in the future. I want only to say that every book I read in 2016 has been a good book. Sometimes I have had bad books in my hands, but in this case I refused to review them. Hence, if your book didn’t gain the mention of Advicesbooks Prize, don’t worry, because your new book could be awarded later as the best book I read in 2017. However, this year it has just started and the road is still long to explore.  In the meanwhile, I invite all my readers to keep clicking and buying the books I review and expose on this book promotion site.

I also encourage literary blogs and magazines to republish this press release on their websites.

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