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What are the best books written by Ken Follett? Is there a list about these books? Yes, there is and you can find it in this post. Before browsing my list, also read what I think about this novelist.

In my view, Ken Follett is one the best novelists of all times. The reason is simple: he has always written as a professional writer and not as an amateur. His writing is sharp, simple and far from the complicate sentences that unknown authors write in their early books. That is why the books by Ken Follett should be read not only by Ken Follett’s fans, but also by aspiring authors and by all other people who dream to become professional novelists. Mr. Follett spent almost 40 years of his life writing novels, he is also specialized in historical novels set in several epochs, from the Middle Age to the past century.

His works are the best consequence of long researches about historical events from which he can get ideas and inspiration for his stories. Ken Follett was never scared to show their works to literary consultants and literary agents in order to improve his writing. Before writing a story, this brilliant and talented British novelist follows a clear editorial pattern: he outlines the main stages of the plot in order to write in accordance with them and correct mistakes in a short time, he manually drafts the early ideas of the novels on a paper sheet.

In short, Ken Follett works hardily to improve his writing day by day. Thanks to these methods and detailed historical researches, this novelist produced a long list of bestseller books during his career. Books that I highly recommend that you read if you love this author or if you are thinking to become like him with your writing.

To reach this outcome, you should read the best books by Ken Follett, at least.

According to The New York Times that also interviewed Ken Follett, one among the best books by the British author is Edge of Eternity.  That is the latest book of The Century Trilogy and it has also been regarded as the best book of all times.

The other books of the trilogy are:

Winter of the World and Fall of Giants.

These three books are respectively set in the First, Second World War and after the 1960s up to the entire course of the 1980s.

Also, Ken Follett, during the interview with The New York Times, revealed his favorite books among the novels he wrote. In reality, he said that he loved the TV series drawn from the book The Pillars of the Earth. This book is also one of my favorite novels.

I love historical novels set in the past centuries. I noticed that Ken Follett always manages to bring readers into the world he described in the story. The inner turmoil of the characters, the forbidden desires of monks and priests, make Ken Follett also the unique testimonial of the gothic literature in our century. In these books, mystery and history are perfectly intertwined, such as in the novel World Without End, set in 1327 on the day after Halloween.

A must read is also Whiteout, set during the Christmas Eve, where a deadly virus cause people to bleed from the eyes.

The best books on this list are, also:

The Hammer of Eden.

The Third Twin, a compelling mystery.

Place Called Freedom, set in the winter of 1767.

A Dangerous Fortune, another gripping mystery set in 1866.


The latter  is a book you must absolutely read, because that is a smart spy story that delves into an unexplainable mystery: what has actually happened to the 200 tons of uranium on a cargo boat?

Don’t miss the latest book by Ken Follett, namely The Armour of Light, historical novel always set in the fictional city of Kingsbridge (the same of A Column of Fire, The Evening and the Morning, The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End).

I also recommend that you read Eye of the Needle, the first unforgettable Ken Follett best-selling book.

I really hope you’ll enjoy this list of books by Ken Follett.

Please let me know your opinion about the novels of this list after you finish reading them.

I’ll be very happy to inform Mr. Ken Follett about your comment. Indeed, he also wrote me a message in December of 2015.

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  1. cora

    The flow of this writing is seamless, making it a pleasure to read.

    You’ve nailed the art of storytelling.

  2. Alex

    Just finished A Column of Fire. Exquisite! I’m going far to quickly through mr. Follet’s books and dread the day I have read all.

    • Rosalba Mancuso

      Hi Alex, finish reading excellent books like the ones by Ken Follett is always sad, but the magic of good books is just that. They are written to be remembered and read again!

  3. Maxine

    Good way of describing, and good post to take facts concerning
    my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver in institution of higher education.

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