6-Figure Marketing Blueprint by Stephanie L. Walters

September 28, 2016


In 6-Figure Marketing Blueprint, Stephanie Walters shares the process she has used to build three successful businesses from scratch. One of them rocketed from $25K in sales its first year to $200K in the second. That’s 8X top line growth!

Now Stephanie reveals her step-by-step game plan, namely eight simple tactics, to get six-figure sales.

The Blueprint shows you how to use 8 proven marketing tactics to effectively grow your business, along with examples and resources to guide you along the path.
You’ll discover:
• Why your website should be the center of your marketing strategy– even if your business is “offline”
• Which marketing tool produces $40 for every $1 spent
• The right and wrong ways to approach networking
• How social media really works for small businesses
• A simple way to get your marketing messages read 97% of the time

With this awesome and useful book, your business CAN break free from frustration and put big sales numbers on the board faster than you may think possible.

So it all started when I was 13 years old. I was
assigned to cut the yard weekly because my dad had
two jobs and didn’t have time to do this anymore. I
had to cut the yard once a week and would be paid
$10.00. Man-o-man was I excited. Ten bucks to a 13-
year-old in 1989 was a lot of money – I was rich!
Not too long afterwards I noticed something
interesting. Whenever I would cut the grass and then
water it the same week, the grass would grow faster.
BAM! That’s it – I can cut the grass more than
once a week and get more than $10. Oh man, I was
one grass watering kid at that point. I would cut the
yard at the beginning of the week, water it, then cut it
again towards mid-week – so now I’m up to $20.00
per week. YES!
But wait, if I can cut it twice, why not three times a
week? And there you have it, I had a business that
grew three-fold from one customer. At thirteen I
learned that you can grow your business, not by
getting new customers, but by increasing the value of
your current customer. Man, that would come in
handy later down the line.
The next lesson – know your customer’s payment
tolerance. So my dad started looking at me with a
side-eye when he had to pay me $30 a week. Yeah, I
hit his limit!
Fast forward several years and I have had a
number of attempts at owning a business and they all
just didn’t fit me and failed in some way. Thankfully
that didn’t stop me. Failure is OK, it’s hard, but it’s
OK. Why? Because with every misstep, there’s a
learning opportunity.
One misstep in particular was a desktop publishing
business I started when I was a graduate student. This
was back when people really didn’t know how to use
Microsoft Word and Excel like they do today. I was
pretty good at using those programs, so why not start
a business doing it? Yeah right!

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All rights reserved.
ISBN: 153749452X
ISBN-13: 978-1537494524

Paperback: $ 14.95
Kindle: $ 3.34
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About the author: Stephanie L. Walters started her first business at the ripe old age of 13 and has been in business ever since. Her business building experience has been learned from being in the trenches. She knows how it feels to start a business on a credit card and part-time while working for “the man” full-time. She’s now helping business owners just like you, build your business to the next level through bootcamps, conferences, webinars, workshops and individual/group strategy sessions – are you ready for the ride?!

Official website: http://www.stephaniewalters.expert/

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