Review of Dark Tales by Chester Lee

dark tales chester lee coverSometimes, unlike the Italian language, English does not allow to create an emotional writing for some literary genres. I think, for example, about horror fiction or fantasy or mystery, but this was one of the very few books which managed to impress me even in English. I am discussing about Dark Tales ( the cover is from, a sort of dark fiction gushed from the creativity of Chester Lee. In the book, the author faces a burning issue of our time: kidnapped girls used and exploited by smugglers to earn money from prostitution. For its hard and impressive content the book is suitable for adults, only. However, the author, respecting the sensitiveness of readers, has not written detailed descriptions in the chapter about a kidnapped little girl, but only about the story of the main character, namely Amy. Continue reading

Recensione in Italiano di The Necklace di Linda S. Rice


La Collana – The Necklace Volume 1

Quando ho letto per la prima volta il primo episodio della serie “ La Collana”, ovvero “The Necklace ”, sono stata felicissima di aver finalmente scoperto una scrittrice contemporanea capace di raccontare storie sui viaggi nel tempo. La scrittrice a cui mi riferisco è l’americana Linda S. Rice, che ha firmato una serie di romanzi composti da ben 5 libri, con il sesto in arrivo. The Necklace , prima di sbarcare in Italia, è arrivato nelle mie mani con tutto il fascino tipico di un romanzo ambientato tra presente e passato. Continue reading

Review of The Necklace V by Linda S. Rice

the-necklace-v-coverA stunning combination between the past, the present and the future. I can’t help but starting my comment this way to talk about The Necklace V, namely the book of the Necklace series written by Linda S. Rice. Once again, the main characters of the book are Susan and James, the sixty year woman who travelled in the time to seduce her great love James, the singer of the most famous music band of all times.

Continue reading

The confidential files of Michael Jackson by Damian Iwueke

the-confidential-files-of-michael-jackson-front-coverNearly eight years after his death, this new book by Damian Iwueke released in October 2016 and titled The Confidential Files of Michael Jackson offers a nuanced portrait of Michael Jackson the late King of Pop. The book analyzed Jackson’s brutal encounter with the media and makes the case that Jackson was misinterpreted, humiliated and reduced to been a paedophile by the media so that they could sell newspapers. Continue reading