6-Figure Marketing Blueprint by Stephanie L. Walters


In 6-Figure Marketing Blueprint, Stephanie Walters shares the process she has used to build three successful businesses from scratch. One of them rocketed from $25K in sales its first year to $200K in the second. That’s 8X top line growth!

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The Benefits and Advantages of eBooks

For areading-ebooks while now, eBooks have been revolutionizing the way people read. It’s really simple and straightforward just to load a .pdf or .epub file onto your tablet and there’s no need to carry a book around – just your device.You can read anywhere, and you can have as many books with you as you please, which has drawn the attention of many people worldwide. It’s definitely much easier to organize all your literature with eBooks, and they last as long you have a hard drive to keep them on.

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Review of The Rabbit House by Laura Alcoba

therabbithousebylauralcobacoverThe Times defined this book awesome, wonderful, beautiful. That is not a fiction, but a memoir, a touching memoir about an historical event that people should never forget: the dictatorship in Argentina in 1975. The book is titled The Rabbit House. I read the Italian edition titled: La bambina della casa dei conigli. The author is an Argentine writer: Laura Alcoba. This is an unforgettable memoir about a betrayed and injured country, Argentina, that in the early 1970s endured a cruel military dictatorship. Continue reading

Submit book for review

submit-book-for-reviewDear indie authors, in the past days I heard an upsetting opinion about submit book for review, or rather, about submit book for paid book reviews. According to some people, submit a book for paid reviews is dangerous for authors because it would destroy their writing career. Continue reading

Review of The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker

thetruthabouttheharryqueberaffaircoverThis is the first time I write a review where I have no words to describe the book. Really, it is the mere truth, I read this book only in a week, a book which is over 700 pages and now I have no words to say about this book. I am discussing about the novel written by the Swiss author Joel Dicker and titled The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. The original version of the book was written in French in 2013 and later was translated into most of languages all over the world. This is the kind of book called Best seller. Indeed, the author sold millions of copies all around the world and now I am here, on this Italian literary blog without words to tell about a best seller book! Continue reading