Advicesbooks is on holiday

comingsoon-bookpromotionDear readers, authors and artists, with this post I want to inform you that this literary blog will resume to publish articles, reviews, interviews and press releases as of August, 30, 2016. I am on holidays for a couple of weeks and I’ll come back to work at the end of the month. Mine has been a great year of hard job with several and new book promotion services for indie writers and self-published authors. Some of them bought my services, many others refused to pay for my services  as soon as they have visited the book submission page.

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Review of The Homecoming by Carsten Stroud

the homecoming coverWelcome to Niceville, the village inhabited by evil. I can’t help but introduce this book with these words, because the story starts just in an apparently quiet American town where, suddenly, people become evil and commit awful deeds. I am reviewing The Homecoming, the book 2 included in the Niceville trilogy written by Carsten Stroud, a Canadian bestselling author who lived in the United States, also. I read the Italian edition of this book titled “ I confini del nulla” and translated by Michele Fiume. However, I would translate the title into English as “The borders of nothingness ”.

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Global exposure with press releases about books

Dear readers and authors, with this post I am proud to announce that my latest literary press release has gained a global exposure. I am discussing about the one written for the book titled: Eloise, The Secret Behind The Mask, by L. Vucetich. 

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Review of The Necklace IV by Linda S. Rice

the necklace book4 coverWhen I browsed the first pages of this book on my tablet. I said to myself: Wow, this time Linda S. Rice has written an excellent and extraordinary plot! Indeed, I am discussing about the book e of the Necklace series, a time travel romance written by the talented and self published author Linda S. Rice. I have already reviewed the other books of the series, namely the book 1, the book 2 and the book3 and since in my country it is said that there is not three without the four, here I am to review the book 4 also, subtitled: Brighton – December, 1999. Continue reading

La Forza dell’Amore di Robert Pajer

 robert pajer

Robert Pajer, author of La Forza dell’Amore.

cover la forza dell'amore by robert pajer

Cover of La Forza dell’Amore by Robert Pajer

Un romanzo tridimensionale sull’amore. Potremmo definire così l’opera narrativa di Robert Pajer, un lungo racconto sui diversi volti dell’amore che prende spunto da una storia vera. Vero è il contesto, lo splendido paesaggio della Puglia, con i suoi porti, le spiagge e il suo mare cristallino, veri sono anche personaggi e le loro emozioni. Di finto, ci sono solo i nomi, fittizi, per scelta dell’autore e per tutelare la privacy dei protagonisti. La Forza dell’Amore, che avrebbe potuto anche intitolarsi “ Il Miracolo dell’Amore”, analizza, con stile melodrammatico, le vicende esistenziali e sentimentali di due personaggi chiave: Ginevra e Romualdo. Continue reading