Review of The Silence of the Wave by Gianrico Carofiglio

the-silence-of-the-wave-gianrico-carofiglio-coverThis book gave me goose bumps and I have also felt shivers along my spine during the reading. I am reviewing a book titled The Silence of the Wave. I read the Italian edition titled Il silenzio dell’onda.This fictional work has been written by the Italian famous writer Giarnico Carofiglio. This is a bestselling author with his books translated in over 20 languages all over the world. Continue reading

Underground Double Play by Giovanni Tommasini

When sport becomes literature. All this happened with a book which, perhaps, is unique, original and very lyrical inside its own nature. This book, currently released in free ebook format,  is titled Undeground Double Play and has been written by the Italian author Giovanni Tommasini. The book is, in reality, a collection of biographical tales about  the rise of an Italian baseball team from an underground parking in Sanremo to the US. Published in an Italian magazine, Baseballmania, these tales conquered the heart of Italian readers so much to be turned into an ebook. Later,  the same ebook has been translated into English to cheer the heart of foreign readers. Continue reading

Review of The secrets to speak to your destiny by Musa Joel

the-secrets-to-speak-to-your-destiny-coverHere I am reviewing another inspirational book that taught me very much, such as how to handle life, how to live to the fullest, how to work and how to build healthy relationships and how to have a healthy relationship with myself. I am discussing about The Secrets to Speaking to your Destiny , self help and inspirational book written by Musa Joel. The author wrote many other inspirational books, such as, for instance, How to Turn Words Into Money, but I preferred reading the one I reviewed in this post because it includes the entire literary work of this writer. Continue reading

Review of Murder Outside Haneyville by Gary Whitmore

murderoutsidehaneyvillecoverI don’t know if this book will remain in the history of thriller literature, but I am sure it’ll remain in my favourite bookshelf forever. I am discussing about Murder Outside Haneyville by Gary Whitmore. The book is 600 pages, more or less, (I read the Kindle edition), but the paragraphs and sentences are very short and I think you can read the several chapters in a couple of weeks or in a week, as well. The book tells about two American reporters who want to write a story about two teens missed in the 1970s and whose car has been found only many years later.

Continue reading